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Our purpose is to present information on our products and to prove STDM Doors factory door leafs to be a competitive high-quality products  able to provide a foundation for cooperation and to satisfy ultimate customers  demands

Given rich experience and analysis of similar products, we have undertaken to create door leafs with due account to advantages and disadvantages of competitors’ products and  to customers preferences.

We are glad to present assembled interior door leafs by STDM Doors factory

Product description

“Assembled” indicates a door leaf been assembled of separate components

Each component is produced separately with quality inspection being conducted at each production stage.  Production process has been modernized according to the up-to-date technologies, including usage of the newest raw materials available at the market; this has become a ground for manufacturing long-durable product of high quality.

а) Glued pine timber.  Properly prepared timber: a work piece is made by gluing three bars in width and in length; such structure prevents twists and defects (provide a sample of timber, draw attention to fibers going in various directions)

shema-srosta fotobrusa

б) German poly-urethane glues. Jowat, Henkel and Racol glues enable coating (PVC film) to adhere firmly to pine timber . The glues mentioned possess qualities enhancing adhesion when exposed to moister and air. A range of experiments on film detackification (ungluing) were conducted.  One of them is submerging of a timber coated with PVC film for 7 days in water with further drying to 8-10% moisture. As a result, the coating (PVC film) displayed no blubs, no ungluing, no shifting or sliding. Pine timber itself manifested 1 mm change in width, but remained stable and showed no defects.  This test proved that coating (PCV film) was glued firmly enough, so pine timber coated this way remains stable when exposed to humidity,  used in tropical environment or being placed into water for a short period.

в) HDF board. We use high density fiberboard (almost 800 kg/m3 – comparable to density of oak). It doesn’t delaminate, possesses good crashworthiness. Compared to fiberboard of lower density, it is resistant to humidity.  HDF is used for making interior plates of a door leaf, so the possibility to interact with water is low.

г) PVC film supplied by German manufacturer Renolit (producing PVC films since 1950s).  Half-century experience, customers approval and well established reputation prove PVC films by Renolit to be consistent in quality and colors.  Tinctures of the colors are stable, off-shading problems are excluded, which is significant. Film is flexible, with protective covering.  Renolit is constantly updating collections of films, colors and stamping, being guided by world trends.  We are currently using Melingo stamping – a novelty and a 2015-2016 trend.

д) Tools are indispensable element of production.  Advanced technologies by leading manufacturers enable us to achieve precise processing of materials under accelerated cutting.  This gives a possibility to shorten the duration of manufacturing without loss of quality

е) Silicone sealer. This component is manufactured in compliance with our demands. Using it we can fit components precisely into daps and attach firmly to the glass. Glass is fixed stably, so the construction is solid, no chatter occurs.

Door jamb, jamb extension and casing

Manufacturing of door jamb, casing and jamb extension is based on numerous responses by customers and doors installers, who deal with products exploitation directly.

Door jamb is made of glued pine timber that guarantees endurance and resistance to environmental exposure as well as ease in installation. Checking and lamination while installing door jamb made of timber are improbable, while it’s widely occurred when working with MDF door jambs.  Door jamb is completed with high-quality rubber sealing.

Door casing of high density fiberboard may be produced in various dimensions

Why choose STDM??

Our factory is built on a principle: «Provide products of highest quality possible under lowest prices possible». Our desire is to provide the ultimate customer with the finest doors under affordable prices. We are working on improvement of our products and preventing loss of quality with course of time, as often happens within the industry.

Each customer will enjoy flexible approach. We are open for any criticism, wishes, and suggestions and are willing to consider and accept them

Factory engineers will answer any questions regarding construction of our door leafs, assist in development and implementation of new models, analyze comments and improve the production.

Having made due conclusions after analyzing problems of other interior doors manufacturers, we are trying to eliminate any shortages at earliest stages of production. We are constantly perfecting our products and aimed at achieving highest quality possible, which can be a basis for professional growth of Yours, our customer’s , and ours, Your supplier’s.

Looking forward for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation!

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